TwitIRL - Social Media Creators Meetup in Atlanta

I’m hosting a micro-conference / meetup for Twitter users who want to meet IRL, learn about Twitter strategies, and use GIFS IRL. This is open to all creators, creatives, entrepreneurs, and anyone who would like to network with people like this in Atlanta, GA. We have YouTubers, entrepreneurs, content creators, photographers and more attending TwitIRL!


What you can expect:

* Round table of panelists making an impact on Twitter (~30 - 40 minute discussion)

* Networking with creators, entrepreneurs, businesses, and personal brands on Twitter

* Something to munch on!

The exact venue is TBD as we get a better headcount, but the con/meetup will take place in the heart of Atlanta, GA.

Your ticket covers your entrance to this con and helps cover expenses to put this event together. Get them as soon as possible. Tickets will go up in price closer to the event!