6 Tips for Taking Great Travel Photos! // Lightroom Presets Included // St. Thomas, USVI

Here are 6 tips for taking better photos while on vacation. I'm sure you know how to smile at the camera while at your favorite destination, but in this video we will discuss: natural lighting, compelling poses, best environments, and more! In this video, my friend Karla helps me out by being a model in the picturesque St. Thomas island in the US Virgin Islands. Let me know if this video was useful in the comments.

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St. Thomas USVI Lightroom Preset Pack

This pack contains 8 presets:
99 Problems
Enchantment Island
Enlightened Spirit
Foodie Lover
Jungle Fever
Pondering Shmondering
Teal Feels

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St. Thomas, US Virgin Islands (USVI)
Downtown Charlotte Amalie
At Home In The Tropics

Karla (model): https://youtube.com/whatwouldkarlasay

In this video, I walk you through 6 easy steps you can take to get interesting photos while on your travels. You're going to want memories of those amazing places you visited around the world. Instead of having photos of you just smiling and looking into the camera (which are totally fine, BTW!), why not create photos that tell a story. You can express how you feel in a location and put that into your photo.

I used my Sony a5100 for all of the travel photos I took in this video. Even if you don't have a DSLR or a mirrorless camera, most of these tips still apply to even the most basic cameras, like your phone.

Traveling isn't just about the sights you see, but it's also about the experiences. Reflecting that in your photos isn't too challenging. This video has some of the best photography tips I can give to even beginners who just want nicer vacation photos. I've learned these tips over a course of 15 years doing photography. A lot of trial and error has brought me to this point and now I'm sharing these tips with you, so that you can get to those amazing photos faster than me! If you like this video and want to see some of my personal travel photos, check out my instagram: @redromina!

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