AMAZING Boarding School in Guatemala! // Casa Guatemala // Hotel Backpackers

This boarding school in Guatemala is Casa Guatemala. I visited this amazing place of education along with Vivid Roots and Hopscotch the Globe as volunteers. We got to play with the students and learn about this incredible organization. Casa Guatemala works alongside Hotel Backpackers, which I stayed at in my Guatemalan jungle adventure video.

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Casa Guatemala:

Casa Guatemala provides education, health care, nutrition and a better future through the help of volunteers. People are able to apply for long term volunteering at a very low cost and it helps to maintain the school.

Thousands of communities in Guatemala suffer from the highest rates of poverty, yet have the potential for economic growth. Poverty is identified as a principal cause of inadequate education, high dropout rates, and absent life or vocational skills. Long-term development in Guatemala will only be possible if education of children and youth continues to improve.

Casa Guatemala helps children from impoverish areas of Guatemala (usually from rural and mountainous areas) to have access to private education, and promotes higher education. Most children in impoverished Guatemala finish their schooling in 6th grade. Casa Guatemala guides their students in going beyond 6th grade and finishing high school.

Casa Guatemala works along with Hotel Backpackers. They are partners in encouraging the students of Casa Guatemala to gain work experience by working at the hotel/hostel. These kids would normally have jobs on the fields, but can now have better career opportunities because of Casa Guatemala.

The work Casa Guatemala is doing in Guatemala is one for the books. There is no price for this kind of work. The results of their labors have been extraordinary. If you want more information about Casa Guatemala and their efforts, or possibly to see about volunteering there yourself, then check out their website.

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