Cosplaying At Dragon Con's Annual Parade! // My First Dragon Con // #DragonCon2018 // Atlanta, GA

Cosplaying in Dragoncon's annual parade through downtown Atlanta, GA for my very first Dragon Con is something worth talking about! I went as Eleven from Stranger Things. Let me know if you spot the Stranger Things easter egg I left hidden in the video. Dragon Con was so much fun. I went to a TON of panels and participated in a number of workshops. If you love sci-fi, you will love going to Dragoncon in Atlanta, GA.

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This was my first time attending Dragoncon which takes place in downtown Atlanta, GA. It was an amazing first time attending one of the largest conventions of the east coast, comparable to San Diego's Comic Con!

I have been to SDCC many times and Dragon Con was just as overwhelming and exciting all at the same time. There were an expected 90,000 attendees this year!  

While at Dragon Con I went to a number of panels including some with paranormal investigators, planet of the apes enthusiasts, star trek panels, business panels, writing panels, and more!

Dragoncon is a great resource for learning about a variety of things, such as writing, publishing, illustrating, making money as an artist, cosplaying, and... ORIGAMI! Yes, I attended an origami class and made a barking dog. It was a great way to end my time at Dragoncon, which lasts 5 days!!

Once Dragon Con starts, it doesn't stop until the weekend is over. I really mean that. There are around the clock activities during Dragoncon. 5 AM? Check. 2 AM? Check. 11 PM? Check. You'll never get bored at Dragon Con.

If you ever find yourself in Atlanta, GA during Dragoncon then you should definitely get a pass and go check it out, specially if you love science fiction!

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