Authentic Guatemalan Food Cooking Class!! // Antigua, Guatemala // Hopscotch the Globe & Vivid Roots

This episode we learn how to cook authentic Guatemalan cuisine in Antigua, Guatemala thanks to Guatemala Food cooking classes. I'm here with Vivid Roots & Hopscotch the globe as part of a volunteer project and to promote sustainable travel. See below for all recipes!

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Guatemala Food Cooking School in Antigua, Guatemala:

Guatemala Food Cooking School is an immersive cultural experience for the culinary adventurers out there who are visiting Antigua, Guatemala. I was fortunate enough to be a part of the Guatemala Food Cooking Class as part of my volunteer trip with Vivid Roots & Hopscotch the Globe. While in Antigua, we did a walking tour and learned how to cook authentic Guatemalan Food. Some of the Guatemalan dishes that we prepared and ate were Jocón, Rellenitos, Elote Loco (crazy corn), fresh corn tortillas, traditional Guatemalan tostadas, Guatemalan rice & more.

This was an amazing experience to have in Guatemala with a wonderful group of people. Not only was it a great bonding time with the group of volunteers, but it was also a great learning environment. After a few drinks and some music, we danced our way through the kitchen and were ready to eat the Guatemalan food we had just prepared ourselves. This was definitely a night to remember.

Get the recipes here (in English):
Guatemalan Jocón with Chicken + Traditional Guatemalan Rice Recipe PDF
Rellenitos: Authentic Guatemalan Dessert with Chocolate Bean Paste & Plantains PDF

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