Little Havana Food & Culture Walking Tour // Miami Culinary Tours // Calle Ocho Restaurants

Little Havana has so much to offer! Check out this food & culture walking tour on Calle Ocho organized by Miami Culinary Tours. Miami Culinary Tours offers a number of tours about food and culture in Miami, FL. Take a look at their website below for more info about their tours!

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Little Havana is a staple attraction in Miami, FL, but most tourists don't know where to go once they are there. Miami Culinary Tours' Little Havana Food & Culture Tours offers a way to get to know Little Havana and specifically Calle Ocho (Eighth Street) in a very quick and interesting way. The tour will begin and end on Calle Ocho as the group walks through Little Havana visiting the many restaurants and shops there are along Eighth Street.

Our group got to try Cuban Mojitos, Cuban ham croquettes (or croquettas), guava pastries (or pastelitos), Cuban beef empanadas, Cuban coffee, the famous Cuban Sandwich, a sugarcane juice (very popular refreshment for Cubans), and of course some Cuban ice cream from Calle Ocho's Azucar.

The places we visited were: El Pub Restaurant, Ball and Chain, Old Havana Restaurant, At La Ventanita, Yisell Bakery, Los Pinarenos Fruteria, and Azucar Ice cream

If you want to get a taste (hah!) of the Cuban culture that has influenced Calle Ocho and made Little Havana what it is today, then you MUST book a tour with Miami Culinary Tours in Miami, FL. They are the best tours.

El Pub Restaurant
1548 SW 8th Street
Beef empanada, Cafe Cubano

Ball and Chain
1513 SW 8th St, Miami, FL 33135

Old Havana Restaurant
1444 SW 8th St
Cubano sandwich

Yisell Bakery
1356 SW 8th Street
Guava pastelito

Los Pinarenos Fruteria
1334 SW 8th Street
Guarapo juice

Azucar Ice Cream
1503 SW 8th Street
Ice cream

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