Montreal's Night Life // Cafe Parvis Food Tasting // Pub Crawl // Montreal, Canada // HI Canada

Here's a taste of Montreal's nightlife, starting off with a delicious dinner at Cafe Parvis, followed by a pub crawl ending at HI Montreal. This is part of a week-long road trip with HI Canada. The quinoa salad at Cafe Parvis was life itself!!

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Cafe Parvis:

HI Montreal:

At Cafe Parvis, I had the pleasure of having the quinoa salad which contained squash spaghetti, roasted peppers, breadcrumbs, and more. Along with that, I had the mushroom pizza, which included ricotta, parmesan, and buttered herbs. After dinner, we headed back to our accommodation at HI Montreal, which has a bar in the basement. HI Montreal turns into a lively hangout joint by night. The pub crawl begins at HI Montreal. It also ended there for me because I was too dang tired to continue with the rest of the squad! I also don't drink alcohol, but more than anything I was BEAT. I hope this gives you an idea of just how fun Montreal can be when night falls!



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