The ULTIMATE Guide To Havasupai Falls // Read This Before You Go!

This is the ultimate guide to Havasupai and its beautiful waterfalls located in Supai, AZ. This video has everything you need to know before you go to see the Havasu Falls! How to get to Havasupai, Supai rules, what you need to bring to Supai, and MORE!

Camping Reservations: 928-448-2180 or 928-448-2237
Havasu Lodge Reservations: 928-448-2111
AirWest Helicopter Information: 623-516-2790

This is a comprehensive guide for getting prepared to go to Havasupai. This ultimate guide to Havasupai includes information about how to get to Havasupai, lodging and camping in Havasupai, cost of Havasupai, rules of Havasupai, hiking in Havasupai, and what to bring to Havasupai.

The Havasupai Indian Reservation is a reservation for the Havasupai people surrounded by the Grand Canyon in Arizona. The capital of the Havasupai Indian Reservation is Supai. 

The entire area is filled with lush green plants, blue-green creeks, and crystal blue waterfalls. You are able to hike, camp and swim in the Havasu falls and creeks. Though it can get extremely hot in the canyon, it is extremely refreshing to jump into the cool blue waters of Havasupai.

My personal Havasupai experience:

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