ULTIMATE Havana Guide // Unusual Things To Do In Havana, Cuba

This is the ULTIMATE guide to unusual, fun, unique, things to do in Havana, Cuba. These things are not-so-obvious experiences for Havana.

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El Bosque de la Habana or Havana's Forest

1. Explore the street art of Havana

Callejon Hamel, Fusterlandia, temporary exhibits, History Mural made with different natural materials including different colored sand

2. Unique Food Experiences in Havana

10 pesos pizza, Chinatown Chinese food, raw sugar cane drink, paladares (Cuban fusion food), Tropicana Cafe (Rodney Cafe), Copelia ice cream

3. Explore Havana through transportation

Train taxi down the Malecon, Bycitaxi, “lanchita de regla” ferry to regla, Coco taxis

4. Hanging with friends and family

Youtuber meetup, Casas particulares or airbnb

5. Visitar diferentes fuertes

Fortaleza de San Carlos de la Cabaña (Fort of Saint Charles) "el cañonazo", Morro Castle (Castillo de los Tres Reyes Magos del Morro) named after the three biblical Magi, San Salvador de la Punta Fortress, Castillo de la Real Fuerza (Castle of the Royal Force) where you'll find the Giraldilla of Havana

6. Listen to live music in Havana

Bodeguita del Medio, Hotel Nacional, La Vitrola

7. Ernest Hemingway Trail in Havana, Cuba

Hemingway's house in Cuba - Finca Vigía, Marina Hemingway

8. Architecture

Influence from the Spanish colonists, Baroque architecture, Neoclassical architecture, Art nouveau, art deco, Eclecticism, modern movement

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