Visit This Beautiful Art Museum // Pérez Art Museum Miami // Miami, FL

Don't miss the beautiful Pérez Art Museum Miami (PAMM), the latest contemporary art museum of Miami, FL. This modern designed art museum is located in downtown Miami, FL and curates some of the world's most fascinating contemporary art. It's a must stop for anyone in Miami.

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Pérez Art Museum Miami:

The Pérez Art Museum Miami, also known as PAMM, is a contemporary art museum located in download Miami, FL. The building for the museum is itself a work of art. It has beautiful architecture that includes hanging gardens and overlooks the water. You can see the bridge leading to Miami Beach as you sit in the back side of PAMM's building. This art museum has a lot to offer as far as interesting and unique contemporary art displays. Even if contemporary art isn't really your thing, I would still recommend checking out the Pérez Art Museum Miami (PAMM) just its beautiful architecture and a nice way to spend the afternoon by the ocean in downtown Miami, FL.

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