Visiting Cuba for the First Time (ft. Janelle Marie)

Visiting Cuba for the first time is a unique experience in and of itself. Throw in being Cuban into the mix and it’s a whole other story! In this video my friend Janelle and I talk about visiting Cuba for the first time as Cubans. 

It’s a very strange thing to travel the whole globe and not have visited the country of your people and your parents. It wasn’t a choice. Visiting Cuba for the first time was a surreal experience for me. I got to meet my Cuban family. I got to try new Cuban food. I learned things about the Cuban culture that had been lost living in America. Janelle and I are both Cubans and this was our first time visiting Cuba… ever! I hope you like this video. It was kind of personal and fun to make. I also hope you’ve learned a little bit about Cuba and what you can expect if you get the opportunity to go and visit the island. 

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