Weird Products That Failed! // Museum of Failure // Los Angeles

These weird products failed for a reason! Let's find out why at the Museum of Failure located in downtown Los Angeles, California. At this museum you'll find a collection of products that failed to impress!

The Museum of Failure original opened its doors in Helsingborg, Sweden. After much success with sharing these failed products, the Museum of Failure is now on a world tour! It's the largest collection of failed products and services in the world. The Museum of Failure is currently located in downtown Los Angeles for a limited time. At this museum you'll see things like the Little Miss No Name doll, the Rejuvenique face mask that electroshocks your face, the snail hat from Ikea, the ET Atari, the Twitter phone, and MORE. Check out the Museum of Failure in downtown Los Angeles before it closes!

Museum of Failure: